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Hand Tied Extensions

Being in the hair industry for years, I've seen and learned a lot of different extension methods. After a while I lost interest in any kind of extension application because I couldn't find a method that was convenient for my clients daily needs, that was not extremely damaging to your natural hair or that looked natural without people being able to point out the extensions in 10 seconds.

But over the years I had a lot of clients that had needs that I couldn't fulfill without adding hair. So I did a lot of research and finally found the hand tied extension method and decided to get trained in this technique. These extensions are the most natural looking extension method I've ever come across and I love how easy it is to hide them in every possible look. I found with other methods you can either see the extensions peek through, a little conditioner on the bond could pull the hair strands out or it would be massively damaging to your hair. Not with hand tied extensions, they will give you:

-the most gentle application for your natural hair

-hair can be worn up, down, half up, braided, whatever your heart calls for

-give you a natural blended look

-can be curled and straightened like your natural hair

- hair wefts are hand tied and with that compared to machine tied extensions very thin on the scalp

- are versatile to add volume and or length

-extensions help hold curls better than natural hair

Hand Tied Extensions are an investment that is so worth it if you struggle with the length or the volume of your hair. Have you ever dreamed of a full voluminous head of hair but every time you look at the mirror you don't like what you see? Book a consultation with me today, and we can look at your hair and see if hand tied extensions are a fit for you and go over the process and options to reach your personal hair goals.


Check out the following examples how hand tied extensions can not only change your hair but how you feel about your self when you look in the mirror. 

Volume & Length

What a beautiful transformation. This extension application is a perfect example how natural and beautiful the beaded row hand tied extension method adds volume and length to your hair without looking fake. If you wouldn't know that my client is wearing extensions you would never questioned that this is not her own hair. My client is a interior designer and a mom of 3 that needs hair that adjusts to her every day life. For work she can now have a professional curled hairstyle and if she needs her hair out of the way while taking care of her kids, she can simply through it in a beautiful high or low ponytail, without any extensions being seen. Her words after her first few weeks with the hand tied extensions : " I love them so much, I can't imagine being without this hair!"

Volume, Length & Brightness

For this client the goal was not only to have fuller and longer hair while she can let her own hair grow, but we also wanted to create a more bright look by adding different shades of blonde to give her an all over brighter appearance. My client is a mom of 2 little girls, works at a farm and works out every morning! So she needed a look that makes her look pretty but is also easily adjustable for a workout and mom duty. After having the extensions for a while she can just repeat how in love she is with the extensions and how much value the add.