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Welcome to Sarah Bigley Beauty

We are a hair salon that specializes in natural blended haircolors, haircuts, extensions and bridal hair.

We are located on Paradise Drive in a beautiful, bright little salon, that will make you feel welcome and relaxed.

We love to give you a little break from busy life and time to lay back and enjoy.

We are looking forward to see you here!

Sarah Bigley

Sarah Bigley started her journey in the beauty industry in 2008 where she started cosmetology school in Germany.

The process of schooling is a little different than here in the USA, she went through 3 years of intense full time schooling to then successful graduate with her journeyman license in cosmetology.

Later she decided to add some more training and went through a full time training course to get her license as make up artist and fashion stylist. After that she decided to finish with another full time training course to achieve her master craftsman in cosmetology, which is the highest degree reachable as a hairstylist in Germany.

She is passionate profession and loves to give every client the best experience! She is specialized in different hair coloring techniques, like balayage, different highlighting and other techniques as well as bridal hair. We will talk about your wishes and dreams and then create together a look that is perfectly tailored for you. So when you leave the salon you will look and feel amazing.

Brienna Lally

Bri remembers being a little girl, at the salon with her mom, watching the stylist and thinking " this would be a great job one day". Years later, she still thought about cosmetology school when it was time to decide what to go to college for. At that time people strongly discouraged that path for different reasons and she started working as a CNA for many years. She finally came to the point of deciding, not wanting to stay in a job she doesn't like, just because it's safe and pays the bills. She started out in 2019 as a stylist and we are so happy to have her. Her eye for detail and precision work make your appointment a full success always.

She loves people and is such a kind and loving person, you will love spending time with her, and trusting her to make you look your best. She specializes in lived-in-colors like Balayage and natural highlighting techniques and cuts.

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